8 Ways in Motivating Employees to Work Productively

featured8 - 8 Ways in Motivating Employees to Work Productively

Business productivity can be greatly affected if your employees are not working well. According to Capita Workforce Management Solutions, one out of three employers in the United Kingdom regard their employees as productive while 71% say otherwise. There are various factors why employees are becoming unproductive. This may include work environment and conflict with their boss and fellow employees. As a leader, it is your primary responsibility to motivate your employees. Here are 7 ways to motivate your employees to increase productivity:


Offer bonuses and incentives

Employees will be motivated to work productively if there are bonuses and incentives. These will drive them to work better and more efficiently. There are various forms of incentives. This may include an all-expense paid trip, free lunch, free movie ticket, performance bonus, etc.


Promote top performers

Career advancement is essential in boosting morale and helping employees work productively. They will be motivated to work if they know they are going towards somewhere advanced. Nobody wants to retire doing the same thing for decades. Let your employees know that good performance deserves job promotion.


Recognize good work

Apart from incentives and career promotion, a simple acknowledgment of your employees’ good work is necessary, it helps employees realize their worth as members of the company. There are many avenues where you can acknowledge your employees. A simple “morning announcement” will do. If you are extra as a leader, you can conduct a monthly recognition night where you can award the top performers of the month.


Always communicate

Connect with your employees by communicating with them daily. Listen to their concerns, their problems, and difficulties, as well as their ideas, thoughts, insights, and suggestions. Communication is vital in every aspect. You need to create an atmosphere of open-mindedness where employees and leaders can exchange thoughts freely.


Train and re-train employees

One factor why employees underperform is because they get used to their work. They are tired of doing the same thing every day. We recommend doing a refresher activity which reintroduces and reminds employees of their goals. Moreover, it is best to conduct teambuilding activities, seminars, workshops, and conferences which will expand your employees’ skills and knowledge.


Get rid of underperformers

If training is not enough to motivate the employees, get rid of the underperformers. If you think this is too harsh, you may demote the employee. Make your people be aware of the consequences of underperforming. They know in the first place that the company has goals to achieve in order to grow the business. The goals should fuel them to be productive.


Create a happy environment

According to a research at the University of the Warwick, happy employees increase business productivity by 12%.  This finding calls for a fun and interactive environment where employees are filled with optimism and joyfulness. Moreover, the research also suggests that unhappy workers are 10% less productive.

info3 - 8 Ways in Motivating Employees to Work Productively
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Apart from your business operations, always bear your employees in mind. If they are unproductive, your business will also be unproductive. It is safe to say that the achievement of your goals depends on your employees as well.

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