7 Simplest Strategies to Promote Your Business

featured7 - 7 Simplest Strategies to Promote Your Business

Starting a business is exciting. But there are a lot of things that you need to undergo first before running the actual business. One of which is the promotion of your business. Marketing is very important. It introduces your business to the people. It helps in establishing your brand in the market. Without marketing strategies, it will be difficult for you to build your presence. Technology has redefined the way marketing is done. There are more ways now to promote a business. Here are the 7 simplest strategies of promoting your business:


Send electronic newsletters

Email marketing has been one of the most used online marketing strategies since the birth of the internet. According to Smart Insights, over 1.5 billion emails are sent by small and medium-sized businesses in U.K. in 2016 alone. Out of these, 24.88% are opened by subscribers. Email marketing is a more personal, engaging way of reaching through customers.


Take advantage of social media

Social media is one of the most accessible online marketing strategies. According to latest statistics, there are over 3 billion social media users. Facebook leads among others with 2 billion users, followed by Twitter and Instagram. These social media platforms have varied advertising programs which can effectively reach thousands of users instantly across the globe.


Turn your car into a mobile billboard

Billboards are out. Moving billboards are in. Who would have thought that you can use your own car as a marketing tool? Mobile billboards have been a trend in various places. Based on Outdoor Advertising Association of America, mobile billboards can generate up to 70,000 views per day. It is very effective, plus you do not have to spend too much.

Offer great deals and freebies

Most consumers love freebies. Freebies are really effective. Who can turn down some free offers? Of course, no one. This marketing strategy may be “free drinks for first 50 customers” or “free power bank for every purchase of a smartphone”.

Host a marketing event

You can also conduct a free admission event in your community. This includes keynote speeches, webinars, presentations, etc. In the event, take advantage of promoting your business. For example, you are selling flooring materials (tiles, laminates, vinyl, etc.), you may conduct a free seminar regarding floor installation. Further, you can give freebies to reinforce brand introduction.

Be part of trade expos

Trade expositions and exhibits are great ways of exposing your business to the public. These are done in partnership with organizations and institutions. People who love a particular niche gather in a trade expo. This will be a good opportunity for you to personally introduce your products and services to your target audience.


Use traditional media

Well, if you still doubt the abovementioned marketing strategies, go for traditional media. Their effectivity is still unquestionable up to now. People are still watching TV, listening to the radio during travel, and reading newspapers and magazines. These traditional channels are effective ways to make your business known to the market.


What among these marketing strategies have you tried already? Comment down below.

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