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Factor Fiction is dedicated to helping you start and grow your business. We are a team of business and financial experts who can help you primarily with business growth and development. We also specialize in finance, marketing, and technology.


As part of our mission in helping you grow your business, we list some helpful resources where you can extract some helpful tips and advice about how to run a business successfully:


For Entrepreneurs

For Entrepreneurs is a website run by David Skok, an entrepreneur and a venture capital partner at Matrix Partners. The website specializes in providing startup techniques and financial management models that will help both beginner and expert entrepreneurs.

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On Startups

On Startups is basically a website that helps young entrepreneurs start their business. It was run by Dharmesh Shan, also an entrepreneur. Apart from the lessons of Shan’s experiences, the website also offers research and case studies about business growth and development.

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The Balance

“Make Money Personal” – This is the tagline of The Balance. It is one of the most trusted sources of comprehensive information about personal financial management, small businesses, debt and credit management, investments, and career development, among others.

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If you want to visit an encyclopedia about businesses and investments, go to Investopedia. It is one of the world’s leading sources of financial content. It provides helpful information and analysis about businesses, the stock market, investments, and so much more. It is also your reliable source of updated business news.

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