Top 7 Digital Marketing Strategies For Your Business

featured6 - Top 7 Digital Marketing Strategies For Your Business

Billboard, magazine, TV, radio, and newspaper – these are all part of yesterday’s marketing. Today, newer and more effective marketing strategies arise through the internet and the latest technology. Small to large businesses utilize digital marketing strategies. According to, 44% of the small businesses engage in digital marketing. 89% of these have Facebook pages.


Definitely, digital marketing strategies are sweeping the business marketing world. Here are the top 8 digital marketing strategies that will surely grow your business:


Mobile Marketing

11 - Top 7 Digital Marketing Strategies For Your Business

Now that most people own their smartphones, mobile marketing is the leading digital marketing strategy available. Mobile marketing is specifically programmed to reach target audience on their smartphones, tablets, and other portable devices. 80% of the internet users have smartphones. Most of them do online activities through mobile devices. In 2015, mobile searches surpassed desktop searches.


Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

12 - Top 7 Digital Marketing Strategies For Your Business

Search engine optimization (SEO) remains one of the most effective internet marketing strategies. This will help you build a great online presence by optimizing certain keywords in your content. With SEO, your website or social media page will appear first on search engine ranking, making it more convenient for users to choose you.


Website Marketing

13 - Top 7 Digital Marketing Strategies For Your Business

29% of businesses around the globe still do not have websites. Having a personal or corporate website is helpful in growing a business. It is like your “store” in the digital world. According to experts, website marketing can really help small businesses as it elevates global audience reach. Moreover, it is important that websites should be mobile-friendly since more users now are into smartphones.


Pay-Per-Click Marketing

14 - Top 7 Digital Marketing Strategies For Your Business

Pay-per-click marketing is one of the most widely used advertising tools in the web. Basically, you are just going to pay every time a user click your ad. There are many advantages in PPC marketing. First, it deliver fast and measurable results. It is also not dependent on SEO or Google algorithms because it is “paid”. Your ad also reaches the “right” audience. Lastly, it is budget friendly. The most popular PPC platforms are Google Adwords and Bing Ads.


Social Media Marketing

15 - Top 7 Digital Marketing Strategies For Your Business

Social media marketing is definitely the most powerful among the other internet strategies. Over 3 billion people have social media accounts – 2 billion Facebook users, 800 million Instagram users, 400 million Twitter users, and 1.5 billion YouTube users, among others. Your target audience are definitely in the social media world. These platforms design advertising tools and programs that effectively reach audience instantly, across the globe. No wonder why social media is so powerful.


Email Marketing

16 - Top 7 Digital Marketing Strategies For Your Business

Email marketing is one of the earliest forms of digital marketing strategies which remain very powerful to date. According to Radicati Group, there are over 3.7 billion email users in January 2017. In U.K., over 1.5 billion electronic newsletters were sent in 2016. A whopping 24.88% of these sent emails are opened by subscribers and users. Only 0.49% unsubscribe to these newsletters. Thus, email marketing remains one of the strongest contenders in the line.


Which among these digital marketing strategies are your currently using?

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